Catalytic Heaters with Class 1/ Div 1 Wiring


  • Our explosion proof CCI Catadyne Radiant Heaters with our wiring packages are approved for use in Class 1/ Div 1 (hazardous) areas (Canada)
  • Mounted inside of the EnviroVault has the most efficient heat transfer for both single and double wall tanks as heat transfers directly through the vault wall into the fluid
  • Freeze protects entire tank contents and provides heat for internal valves and instrumentation
  • CCI catalytic heaters do not produce NOx or CO emissions in any measurable amount

Cata-Dyne Operational Information

The thermostat for the temperature controller has an adjustable bypass. When the thermostat is in the low fire mode (closed), the bypass is active. For example a WX model 24”x24” heater requires 20,000 BTU/hr of natural gas at full fire but only 8,000 BTU/hr at low fire. The thermostat reading from 1 through 10 is adjusted to the sensed temperature at which the heater is selected to go into low fire mode. As thermal demand increases and the ambient temperature drops, the thermostat will open and the heater will run again on high fire until the heat loss is recovered.

NOTE: The bypass is pre-adjusted by CCI Thermal, corresponding to each size of heater and it’s BTU/hr rating.



High Level Shut Down Piping

  • Can be located inside the EnviroVault, ensuring proper function year-round and allowing easy access for testing and maintenance
  • As the EnviroVault is at ground level, HLSD tests can be done without the 
    use of ladders, tank flooding, or manbaskets



Connection and Piping Packages

  • Nozzles, collars, flanges, etc can be preinstalled prior to shipment giving our customers the ability to cut down on installation costs
  • Everything from grating to desand assemblies to riser material can be bundled and/or installed at EnviroVault for field-ready installation


Door Assemblies

  • In-house door construction provides quality control and design consistency
  • Constructed of 12 gauge mild steel
  • Radius cut tops and robotic welds to ensure a tight fit to the tank
  • Doors are lockable to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Various door assemblies available to fit all types of EnviroVaults


If you have any questions or would like to inquire further about our Accessories, please contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with more information immediately.