Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Enviro Vault®?
A: While traditional above ground storage tank designs have valves and piping on the outside of the tank, the Enviro Vault is the patented concept whereby a recessed chamber is installed "INSIDE" the tank with an access door through the tank wall. All valves, sample taps, electronic controls, and heater (if required) are mounted “INSIDE” the Enviro Vault.

Q: Can I use my current tank manufacturer to purchase an Enviro Vault?
A: Enviro Vault deals only with “licensed” Enviro Vault installers. If your current tank manufacturer is not a licensed Enviro Vault installer, please contact Enviro Vault Canada Limited for licensing information.

Q: What applications are Enviro Vaults used in?
A: Any above ground storage tank storing any type of fluid can benefit from the use of an Enviro Vault, however they are predominantly used in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry by hundreds of different companies like Devon, ConocoPhillips, Apache, Murphy Oil and Husky.

Q: What are the advantages of using an Enviro Vault?
A: One gallon of spilled oil can potentially contaminate a significantly larger amount of soil so by keeping all of the valves in a heated area with spill containment, an Enviro Vault reduces service costs, improves operational safety and efficiency, and provides superior environmental stewardship by keeping spills from ever touching the ground. All the while keeping all of the valves and controls in a lockable secured area, reducing the threat of eco-terrorism.

Q: What tank sizes are Enviro Vaults commonly installed in?
A: There are currently 22,000 Enviro Vault equipped tanks in North America that range from 25 bbls to 3000 bbls. All Enviro Vaults are engineered to sustain the weight of the fluid in their respective tank and stamped by a Professional Engineer.

Q: What are the sizes of conventional vaults?
A: Conventional vaults are available in 5’ or 6’ wide x 4’, 5’ or 6’ high for simple installation into new or existing tanks. Custom units are available.

Q: Is an Enviro Vault equipped tank more expensive than a standard tank?
A: No, when you consider all of the external adders required to attain spill containment, heated valves and a lockable secured area for the valves and controls, an Enviro Vault equipped tank is less expensive. An Enviro Vault also costs less to transport because, unlike expensive adders, an Enviro Vault does not increase the overall transport dimensions.

Q: How much spill containment is provided?
A: The spill containment can hold up to 3 bbls of fluid in conventional vaults.

Q: Can Enviro Vaults be retrofitted?
A: Yes, retrofits can include just the basics or can come dressed out with a full face; these options are based on customer requirements. Alternatively, bolt-in units are typically used in coated tanks as they require no hot work. They are custom built to the fit into the man way of the tank. Bolt-in units are commonly used in tank sizes 400 bbl and smaller.

Q: Can an Enviro Vault provide freeze protection?
A: Yes, our catalytic heaters provide freeze protection for the entire tank contents and provide heat for the internal valves and instrumentation. As well in heavy oil applications, the heat from the hot tank fluid penetrates back through the Enviro Vault wall.

Q: Can you raise and maintain the temperature of the process fluid with catalytic heat?
A: The ThermoVault® is a concept aimed at using multiple catalytic heaters to raise and maintain the temperature of process fluid in order to provide an alternative heat source to fire tubes.

Q: Are your catalytic heaters and wiring packages rated for hazardous areas?
A: Yes, our catalytic heaters and wiring packages are approved for use in Class 1/ Div 1 (hazardous) areas. CSA approved and FM approved in the United States.

Q: What are your connection and piping packages?
A: Nozzles, collars, flanges, etc can be preinstalled prior to shipment giving our customers the ability to cut down on installation costs. Everything from grating to desand assemblies to riser material can be bundled and/or installed at Enviro Vault for field-ready installation.

Q: Does the DuoVault® meet Directive 55 requirements?
A: The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) confirmed that the DuoVault® “appears to meet the requirements of Directive 055: Storage requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry.” They also confirmed that “a tank with this type of construction does not require additional secondary containment measures such as dikes or berms”