EnviroVault is the patented concept of installing an "Internal Chamber" inside the tank to house valves, heaters, level controls, and spill containment.


At EnviroVault LP, we are committed to a mission of creating and maintaining a working environment that is safe for our employees, the communities we work in and the world we all live. As a manufacturer to the oil and gas industry our responsibilities are driven by the increasing stewardship of our customers, adherence to environmental and sustainable standards and a constant desire to demand more from our industry.  We are dedicated to responsible development how ever possible, we constantly implement new initiatives that keep EnviroVault at the forefront of environmental leadership and are excited to see what advances will bring to our industry in the future.  



Our mission is to be the standard in tank design. We work with all industry stakeholders to promote the EnviroVault advantage in operational savings, safety, security and superior environmental stewardship.


At EnviroVault, we partner with our clients to diagnose their specific needs and work collaboratively to evaluate, design and implement SOLUTIONS that provide the greatest VALUE to all stakeholders

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"For over 3 years, Envirovault equipped trailer mounted tanks have been an asset to our company. With Envirovault equipped tanks, we don’t have to worry about anything freezing during the winter months. Envirovault is not only cost-effective for our operations, but they eliminate soil contamination by preventing any leakage. Envirovault sets the standard high for quality and we wouldn't use anything else!"

Matt Orlandi, Distribution Manager, Sikanni Services Ltd.