Carbon Offsets

Reduce Emissions and Generate Carbon Credits


Emission Reduction Strategy Identified

Regulatory and corporate emissions targets determined


Combustor Project Identification

Eliminate Waste Gas from pneumatic equipment, tank vents or casing gas


Project Capital - Funding Opportunities

Review different funding opportunities

(ex. NRCan ERF, MTIP)


Install Project

Aggregate multiple projects together to optimize carbon credits


Alberta Offset Registry Submission

Submit project plan


Generate Carbon Credits

Credit generation for up to Eight years.

Emission technologies, processes and government regulations are pushing the oil and gas industry to develop more responsibly.  Producers are learning that emission technologies, like ERX Combustors, can generate revenue while eliminating harmful emissions and improving GHG balance sheets. This revenue comes in the form of Carbon Credits and can be used to pay off equipment and produce positive cash flow.

EnviroVault has developed programs to help our customers take advantage of Carbon Credits. Our expert staff can help navigate the demanding processes and get you across the finish line to gain Carbon Credits.

If you are interested in learning how you can start earning carbon credit, give us a call at 403-263-4433