Heavy Oil

The EnviroVault® was originally developed in 1996 to address problems found in heavy oil tanks. The latent heat from the process fluid keeps all valves and instrumentation from freezing. Samples are taken from the inside of the tank as opposed to the side of the tank eliminating the need to climb a ladder.

Light Oil

In light oil production EnviroVaults® are generally used for freeze protection, however the DuoVault® and ThermoVault® were designed for specific applications in this segment.

Conventional Natural Gas/CBM

Tanks are used in natural gas applications as a means of storing separated produced water. EnviroVaults® provide the same level of freeze protection and operator access as in heavy and light oil production.

Oil Sands/SAGD

In larger tanks used in Oil Sands and SAGD production enviroments EnviroVault systems are used for spill free sampling and chemical injection. EnviroVaults allow for year round use in refinery, tank farm and chemical applications.

Rental Tank Designs

Available in vertical or horizontal rental style tanks, EnviroVaults provide a far superior alternative to spill trays which have limited spill containment and are often damaged and discarded.