Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer





Oil & Gas

Emission Rx Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers provide high-performance destruction of VOC’s in an affordable design. Hydrocarbons, solvent fumes, halogenated hydrocarbons, hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), or other odour producing compounds are destroyed with 99.9% combustion efficiency.


  • Small footprint, self-supported
  • High flow inlet air for optimal oxygen mixing ratios
  • Wide range of operating pressures (0.1psi-15psi)
  • No visible flame, smoke or odour (>99.9% combustion efficiency)
  • Exhaust stack uses high temperature refractory insulation
  • Combustion and exhaust temperature control and monitoring
  • Industry leading Profire™ Burner Management System (BMS)
  • SCADA compatible
  • Heat recovery options available
  • Modulated burner controls for optimum performance in fluctuating flow & composition
  • Burner manifold designed for corrosive environments
  • CSA 149.3 compliant fuel system
  • Operator safe design
  • Low maintenance, no moving parts
  • Fuel consumptions and mass balance available on a case by case basis