The ThermoVault is the most effective and efficient light oil tank treating system in the industry. It is the next generation of the proven EnviroVault concept that oil field operators have come to trust and love for the past 20 years.

This patented technology allows our clients to achieve pipeline grade oil (less than 0.5%b.s.&w.) with up to 28% less input energy than even high efficiency firetubes.

With a variety of ThermoVault models and sizes available, each application is designed and built to suit our client’s specific site and process conditions.


  • Safe operations that meet regulations in hazardous areas (Class 1, Div 1)
  • CSA B149 compliant
  • Heat light oil applications where fire tubes are not allowed
  • Zero┬áNOx emissions
  • Safely and efficiently elevates tank fluid temperature
  • Extremely low maintenance costs
  • Heater size and quantity can vary based on application


  • Reduced accidents, injuries and operational costs by eliminating the possibility of fire tube failures
  • Enhanced environmental stewardship
  • Eliminates low frequency noise pollution when compared to fire tube burner
  • Reduced transportation costs over external solutions
  • Lasts the entire life of the tank
  • Eliminates all costs assoicated with burner management systems and certificatiion

Proven effective in the following formations

  • Alida
  • Banff
  • Cardium
  • Cambrian
  • Glauconite
  • Dunvegan
  • Montney
  • Viking
  • Wolf Berry (Texas)