The Emission Rx is a leading equipment provider for emission mitigation technologies in the North America Oil and Gas Industry.


  • The C-series Enclosed Combustors have been developed to provide all the performance and advantages of a traditional incinerator at the price point of a flare. Meeting close spacing requirements in most locations, the C-Ceries Combustors provide easy install without the need to expand your site footprint.
  • The E-Series Enclosed Combustors have been developed to handle greater volumes of waste gas. Using a unique cooling mechanism, the E-Series Enclosed Combustor are easily able to maintain a shell and exit temperature that meets close spacing requirements at high volumes of waste gas.
  • The EF-Series Enclosed Flares have been developed to ensure a good clean burn, protect against flame outages during strong winds, eliminate the view of flame and provide higher capacity burning of waste gas on oil and gas sites.

E-Series Enclosed Combustor Operating Manual Profire