The New CSA Z620.3 Standard for Flares, Incinerators and Enclosed Combustors

What this may mean for upcoming regulatory changes?

In April 2022, the CSA group released a new standard for Flares, Incinerators and Enclosed Combustors (CSA Z620.3). Focused on the Oil and Gas Market, this standard outlines manufacturing, performance and operations requirements.

Emission Rx and EnviroVault were technical committee members who helped develop CSA Standard Z620.3.

This standard is published and can be purchased from the CSA Group Website.

So, what does this mean for the industry?

 There have been rumours within the regulatory communities that the provincial governments will adopt CSA Z620.3. However, as CSA Z620 was developed closely with regulatory bodies, referencing existing guidelines and regulations, this change would not impact current regulations much.

This standard will likely clarify many of the ambiguities that exist in the current regulations.

 What would be the expected changes?

 Many sections within CSA Z620.3 provide more clarity or new information compared to current regulations in Saskatchewan or Alberta. Here is a short list of some noted differences from the regulations.

·         Updated performance requirements

·         Clarifies thermal protection for incinerators and enclosed combustors

·         Provides precise operating requirements for flares, incinerators and enclosed combustors

·         Modifications on liquid separation criteria

·         Clarify standards for backflash protection

·         Changed gas shut-off criteria for gas lines.

·         More…

It is important that your equipment manufacturer understands this standard and build their equipment to meet it. Emission Rx equipment is not only built to todays standards but also future expectations.